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Why Physical Therapy – and why Optima?

Physical Therapy is a form of professional patient care that involves therapeutic exercise to restore movement and reduce pain after injuries or accidents. It is a fundamental part of the total care for patients who have problems of temporary or permanent disability. Patients undergo physical therapy to restore musculoskeletal function, promote healing and learn how to physically adapt to permanent disabilities.

Physical therapists work with physicians who have medial expertise in neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, general surgery, family practice, pediatrics, geriatrics, rheumatology, internal medicine, urology, cardiovascular medicine, cardiopulmonary medicine, psychiatry and sports medicine.

Our mission at Optima Physical Therapy Services is to facilitate the return of functional performance within the shortest timeframe possible by providing essential, individualized care that addresses patients’ conditions and concerns. Optima is staffed by a certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT) who utilizes a wide variety of manual therapy techniques.

  • You will receive the highest levels of individualized care
  • Our manual therapy will serve to foster and enhance fundamental improvements
  • You will experience minimal waiting periods before treatments
  • Third-party billing options for patient’s convenience
  • Professional, caring and compassionate staff at your service


Tailored Plan

Your treatment will be tailored to your needs, your lifestyle and your goals. We can communicate and work effectively with your doctor and your insurer (including Medicare). You will leave Optima with greater strength, flexibility and possibilities. We also ensure that you  understand what it takes to maintain good health and function long after you leave Bello’s House of Pain.

We are with you – Every Step of the Way!

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