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Back pain can be caused by a number of factors, and it can have a huge effect on your quality of life. If you have persistent back pain, then it is important that you try to determine the cause of the pain so that you can receive the proper treatments. This article will offer you a few tips for determining the source of your pain, as well as give you some advice for basic back pain management in Atlanta, GA.

Back Pain from Injury

If you’ve recently sustained any kind of injury, then this may very well be the cause of your back pain. The injury can be a serious one, such as spinal damage or whiplash from a car accident, or something more minor, like a pulled muscle from playing sports or simply lifting a heavy object incorrectly. Whatever it may be, if you can point to an incident that preceded your recent back pain, then you’ve likely found the cause of your trouble.

This is important, because specialists will be able to offer you the right care if they know how you were injured and what sort of injury you sustained. They can then proceed with chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, or another treatment process that they deem appropriate for your particular situation.

You will also need to manage your pain at home using appropriate stretches and application of ice packs or heat pads to the affected areas. Make sure you follow the instructions provided carefully, so that you can recover quickly and avoid re-injuring yourself.

Back Pain from Spinal Misalignment

Sometimes, your hips and spine can shift out of alignment. This can be caused by a trauma to the spine or tailbone, or it can simply happen over time. Some people are born with their hips and spine slightly out of alignment. For the most part, this won’t affect your day-to-day life. However, it can lead to some pretty persistent back pain.¬†

You may need a professional to diagnose whether your spine and hips are properly aligned. A professional will have you bend over and touch your toes, bending from the hips. He or she will then assess whether your hips are level and your vertebrae are aligned properly. If not, you may need to get a spinal alignment, which can help to alleviate your pain.

Back Pain from Stress

Not all back pain is caused by an injury or other obvious issue with your spine. Sometimes, life just puts enough on your shoulders (metaphorically speaking) to put some strain on your back. You may find yourself with tight muscles in your neck and shoulders or aches in your lower back. If you can’t think of any injuries that may have caused your pain, and you don’t have a misaligned spine, then you probably are just dealing with back pain caused by stress.

A visit to a massage therapist or chiropractor can help to treat this sort of pain in as little as one visit. However, the aches are sure to return if you don’t make a few adjustments to help ease the stress in your life and the strain on your back. Try meditation or just find a quiet place to unwind for a few minutes every day so that you can keep stress at a minimum. Find a few easy stretches you can do to loosen up your back while you’re at home or even at the office. This can keep your back muscles relaxed so you don’t have to make weekly trips to a massage therapist.

Remember, if you feel that you may need professional¬†back pain management in Atlanta, GA, don’t hesitate to find a service provider. You shouldn’t continue living in pain any longer than you already have.

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